Introducing Chemique better known as KRC 7 Cleaner.
A chemical products manufacturer with over 40 years of experience, specializing in cleaning and restoration solutions for Residential, Commercial and Industrial applications. They are consistently improving and adding to their product lines. With commitment to updating their existing products, they apply the latest advancements in their field, leading to an expanded array of the most innovative products in their industry. As well as providing quality products you can always rely on, Chemique has great customer service values and toll-free technical support.

Product Applications Include:
· Bath and Kitchen Care
· Marble and Granite Care
· Deck and Wood Care
· Paver, Brick and Stone Care
· Stone and Masonry Restoration
· Paint Strippers and Graffiti Removers
· Automotive Care
· Carpet and Floor Care

Brands Include:
· KRC-7®
· Artisan®
· DWR®
· Chemique®
· New England®
· Strip-It®

Introducing Eric'sons' Dura-trench
The versatile Trench system. Eric'sons set out to make a linear drain system that was more flexible for the designer, easier for the installer and high quality for the owner. Today, the Dura-Trench product line includes slot pipes, trench drains, and catch basins.

The DTPF – Precast FRP trench bodies are the work horse of the product line. They are extremely durable, resistant to most common road salts and chemicals, and are very easy to install. The trench systems come in a variety of widths, can have any slope, and have a wide assortment of frames and grates to meet virtually any need. The system is shipped factory assembled and ready to use. Plywood in the top keeps the frames aligned, coplanar, and keeps debris out. Installation aides are standard. Factory fabricated turns and intersections ensure an easy and precise fit.

Eric'sons is one of a few manufacturers that offers True Radius Trenches. The systems offer custom built radius trenches to the customer's specifications. The possibilities are limitless and virtually any design or concept can be achieved with this system.

Introducing Outdoor Shower
Quality Stainless Steel Outdoor Showers and Accessories. Our commercial and residential products are the perfect choice for coastal areas, lakes, swimming pools, playgrounds, campgrounds, water parks, marinas, boat docks, cruise ships, yachts, hotels, playgrounds, vacation homes, condominiums, apartment complexes, resorts....and especially outdoor bathing in your own backyard!

These wall mount and free standing showers are available with great OPTIONAL FEATURES:

• Hose Bibb
• Foot Shower
• 1" To 19" Shower Head
• Drinking Fountain Bubbler
• Stainless Steel Shower Head
• ADA Compliant Metered Valve
• Pull Chain Valve Hand Spray & Hose


Jackel Introduces its Radon Dome
Cover and seal your sump pit with The Original Radon/Sump Diome to mitigate radon gases, odors, moisture, insects and safety issues.. Additional products from Jackel include Sump and Sewage Basisns and covers, Rail systems, Oil separators for garages and more.

Jackel introduces Sump & Sewage Package Systems.
Models include Laundry Tray System, Sump Pump Systems, and Sewage Systems. All shipped assembled and ready to instal. Call (585) 348-9002 for pricing.

Introducing Union Brass
We proud to announce Union Brass as one of our newest lines. Union Bass has manufactured high quality faucets for the wholesale plumbing industry since 1892. They are committed to parts standardization, making it easier for you to order. Union Brass's faucets are made from durable cast brass and brass bar stock and are individually tested to assure customers years of trouble free service. Also many products are manufactured in the USA!

Introducing Tribal Manufacturing
American manufacturer of brass and plastic, lead-free PEX fittings in F1807 (crimp), F1960 (cold expansion), & F2080 (cold expansion). They also manufacture compression & flare fittings. Proudly making it in America.


SIM/TECH Filter offers performance products engineered to protect effluent treatment systems. Products include septic tank bristle filters, pressure filters, riser covers, float tree branches, security nets and more. These accessories prevent costly repairs, and keep systems performing at 100% efficiency.

Sherwood Specialties, Inc. is excited to announce their latest specialty line acquisition. We are now proud representatives of the ASHLAND Line. Our venture specializes in Grease, Oil, Solids, Hair and Lint Traps and Interceptors. We provide POLYETHLYNE traps for; Restaurants, Cafeterias, Fast-Food Establishments, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Kitchens, Industrial and Food Processing Plants, Hotels, Resorts and Residential Buildings.

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